The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear

The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear is the first series written by Ms. Dutra. What started as a gift for her niece and nephew, quickly grew into something more. Lorenzo the Bear is more than just a drawing on pages in a book, he has become a friend to boys and girls everywhere.

The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear is a fun, action-packed read that will delight both boys and girls, young or old. Focusing on friendship, bravery, helping those in need, and looking for the good in others. Filled with vintage-style illustrations, Lorenzo  is sure to captivate readers everywhere!

Exploring STEAM Little Katie

Let's make learning fun! Join Little Katie and her Puppy Smudge, as they set off on imaginative adventures where you learn educational facts along the way. Little Katie is the multi-award-winning  STEAM series written and illustrated by Carmela Dutra. Ms. Dutra wanted to create a tale where the reader learns facts about various things in a way that doesn't feel like learning at all. Complete with full-page illustrations, each story is unique and sure to capture the attention of any child.

Parent's, children, and educators have all fallen in love with this delightful series.  Since 2017, Exploring STEAM  with Little Katie has won five awards, two honorable mentions, and three literary seals of approval.  Little Katie has even been featured twice in Story Monsters Magazine. 

Why STEAM Education Is Important

 Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts + Design and Mathematics—STEAM, and therefore, STEM education—are vital to our future—the future of our country, the future of our region and the future of our children. Besides, STEAM is everywhere; it shapes our everyday experiences.  Because STEAM is in every part of daily life, it is so essential for our children to engage in STEAM-education. A topic of such importance demands a prominent place in our education system in the broadest sense.  From the classroom to the after-school setting, to the home. Science literacy is as vital as reading, writing, and art for all people.  For these reasons, Ms. Dutra has chosen to tackle this topic for her award-winning children's series,  Exploring STEAM with Little Katie. 


Carmela Dutra has won Silver in the General Children’s Category from the prestigious Literary Classics for her work Little Katie Goes to the Moon. 

She has won the coveted Seal of Approval from Literary Classics for Little Katie Goes to the Moon. 

Her series Exploring STEAM with Little Katie  has won three awards from the well know Purple Dragonfly Book awards contest recognizing exceptionally written children's literature. She has also won two honorable mentions from them, placing in both the educational and STEM categories and the environmental/green books categories. 

She has won the Readers’ Favorite Five- Star Review for her works Little Katie Goes to the Moon,  Little Katie Explores the Coral Reefs, The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear: Encounter at Jellyfish Cove, Journey to Honeysuckle Mountain, and Trip to the Arctic Frontier.