About Me


Carmela Dutra


Carmela is an award-winning, storyteller, illustrator, wife, and mother from San Jose, California. Her book series Exploring STEAM with Little Katie introduces the whimsical world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics for kids. Her other series, The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear teaches children about compassion, friendship, and seeing the good in others, qualities that are vital to everyday life. 



Little Katie made its debut in 2016 and has grown into something larger than Carmela ever anticipated. The book series has increased to cover all the topics in the STEAM field. With so much to learn and explore, the possibilities for this series are endless.   Carmela strongly believes and often says, 'Literature can open up a whole new world to children.'   She firmly believes that children's literature is one of the best platforms to introduce children to all that life has to offer.  



Further, she believes that STEAM is the 21st century.  The need for people to work in these fields is imminent. She believes we need more diversity in the people who are in STEAM fields. The best way to introduce children, especially girls is through compelling storytelling. Having never outgrown fairytales, she sees STEAM as a maze of stories and wants to hear more diverse voices in that world.