Little Katie Explores the Coral Reefs

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Dive beneath the sparkling surfaces of sapphire-blue seas and discover the beauty of coral reefs!

Join Little Katie and her puppy Smudge as they journey into the waters and discover all the magic that lies beneath the surface. Learn the secrets of the “rainforests of the sea” as you embark on an oceanic safari of the world’s most vibrant—and endangered—marine ecosystems.



Reefs at Risk

Coral reefs are fragile ecosystems that are under threat from humans. When they are stressed, coral polyps lose their zooxanthellae ( say zoo-zan-thell-ee) and die. Once the polyps have died the coral structure that is left appears white and is described as ‘bleached.’ Scientist believe many reefs can be saved if they are protected now. Pollution is One of biggest coral killers, and removing it could have an immediate effect on reef survival. Millions of people rely on coral reefs for their survival. These ecosystems not only support fish and other animals, they also protect coastal regions from damage by storms and wave action.

How can you help? By taking small steps such as recycling, using biodegradable materials, picking up trash at the beach and putting it where it belongs, and not pouring anything other than water down drains. These are small steps we can all take to help save our reefs.

1 review for Little Katie Explores the Coral Reefs

  1. Sarah Westmoreland of Readers Favorite

    Little Katie is a very adventurous little girl. She loves to go on trips with her parents, especially ones where she can learn things. Her most recent trip was to an aquarium, where she saw all kinds of ocean animals, like sharks and crabs and fish. But Little Katie’s favorite exhibit was the one about the coral reefs. Little Katie quickly decides that she wants to learn even more about coral reefs… by visiting one!

    Along with her adorable little puppy, Smudge, Katie grabs her snorkeling gear and heads off to explore the ocean. Smudge comes along for the adventure with his very own, specially made, doggies-only snorkel and snorkeling mask. Together they swim all over the reef, looking at all the pretty coral and fish. Katie even gets the chance to see her very favorite sea creature: an octopus! Join Little Katie and Smudge on a fun-filled ocean adventure, and even learn about all of the interesting things that coral reefs do. For example, did you know that coral reefs protect the land that they grow beside from bad storms and big waves? Now you do!

    Little Katie Explores the Coral Reefs by Carmela Dutra is a fascinating adventure book that will capture a child’s imagination and teach them some interesting facts, all at the same time. And, as the book tells you before the story begins, all of the facts have been verified with National Geographic, Science Kids, and Cool Kid Facts, so you know you’re getting the true story of one of the ocean’s great treasures.

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