Why you should take a break from social media

Think of a moment today when you didn’t have your phone, or maybe a moment in which your phone wasn’t within three feet of you. Can you think of one, honestly? The only thing that comes to mind for me is when I was getting dressed for the day and left my phone on the kitchen table.  When you really think about it, your phone is always there.

As an author, you are on social media a lot. You stay hyper-connected through the digital age. Really, this can be said of anyone who is self-employed. It’s the norm to constantly be on social media and email, connecting with clients and other industry members in one way or another. However, it is important to give yourself a break from social media, for sanity’s sake, and to slow down so you don’t get burnt out on all the technology surrounding our lives. I know, I recently became burnt out with the digital world surrounding me. I took a social media break for several weeks, and now I feel refreshed.

Our phones are becoming our shadows. It’s something that is always with us. Following us. We’re always holding it in our hands or checking it. Who needs small talk in line when you can refresh Instagram to see a photo that someone posted that you don’t really care about?

This has led me to the conclusion that we are wasting precious time. Would you really want your last memory to be choosing which filter makes you look better? We’re missing some of the most valuable times of our lives because we are too busy staring at a screen.

Can you imagine saying, ‘I don’t need to go out to social gatherings or really much of anything anymore because I can watch someone’s snapchat story and experience the same thing.’  I didn’t grow up like this, we had one home phone, that was is it. We played outside, living in the moment, that was how we created memories. If someone happened to snap a photo, great! If not, I still have the memories of the slip n’ side in the backyard. When everything we do becomes posted to social media, then in a sense, nothing is special anymore–when something exciting happens we need a photo, we need to post it to social media, we need a creative caption. What we need to do is stop. We need to stop living in a world trapped by our screens and start living in the real world.

Now, okay, I am saying how we need to live in the moment and not post as much to social media. However, I am not saying it’s the devil and we need boycott it fully and delete our accounts. No. Social media can be a WONDERFUL tool to keep in touch with distant families and friends. As a small business owner, it’s a great way to connect with past, present, and future clients. What I am saying is we need to keep it in its proper place. Otherwise, if we are not careful it can start to become a time waster. Time is the one commodity that everyone has equally, it is a very precious one.

So, why should you take a break from social media? This is what I have felt and learned from taking a break from social media.

You get to live in the moment.
You’ll have so much more time.
You’ll have extra time.
You’ll find yourself happier.

How to take a break? Everyone has different needs, and the length of time that one person would like a break from social media might differ from that of the next person. Three easy steps.

Start leaving your phone in your bag or don’t keep it next to you all the time. Turn it off unless you have an emergency or are expecting an important call.

Just leave your phone at home. One of my best days ever was when I accidentally left my phone at home for an entire day. I wasn’t worried about anything.

If you really want a break just delete the apps that you spend the most time on. Yeah, you heard me. Go ahead and delete Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. I’m not saying you should go in and delete all of your accounts, just the apps.

Again, I’m not saying that people who post things on social media are horrible, or that you shouldn’t share information with people. I have been known to share too many photos oh my cats or tweet about the random things that have happened to me. I think it’s awesome when people have something to celebrate. Or when they want to share a photo of their family, a fun day they had, or even a funny cat video. However, it’s also important to take a step back from this social media world that we’re a part of and be able to realize what’s truly important–living in the moment.

What are your thoughts about social media? Do you feel the need for breaks? Have you taken one? If so, what did you feel after doing so?  Please share your comments below!

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One thought on “Why you should take a break from social media

  • Rosie Russell

    Great and important post Carmela!
    I have been thinking of this myself. It’s a little impossible for me right now. I have to get my website up and running first and then I may have to step back a bit.
    My problem is the CP, not my phone.
    I do know when we are away on vacation, we can’t get logged on many times and it’s great! The catch-up is hard when we return though.
    Thanks again for the reminder. 🙂