What is the obsession with writing?

Would you agree with me if I were to say that all of us are writers? Whether by hand or by means of an electronic device we all write, it’s a daily activity that must be performed. We write notes, letters, shopping lists etc.

Writing is an individual thing, whatever obsession or reason for doing so writing is unique to each individual. I cannot say why anyone else writes, nor will I pretend to act like I know or understand their reason, but I know why I do. Writing is another artistic outlet. I write for my own sanity, as I know it is something I must do, lest I lose my mind. When I stop writing I miss it. I long for it.

I never made a conscious choice to become a writer, but I loved to read. I love to explore the various writers of our time and those of times past. The way an individual can take a mix of words and throw them onto the paper to create something beautiful, complex, and inspiring. I find myself getting lost in the world that is created for me to enjoy. Even to this day I still say, I want to write like that when I grow up!

Writing is truly a beautiful art form. The way words can lie together, blending, overlapping and creating vivid images and complex contexts. Having the power to be bold and powerful, and at the same time remaining sweet and innocent. It is said that to be a good writer, you must be a good reader. If you want to write good fiction, then read fiction. The power of a writer’s voice is something truly grand. The genius of writing has allowed individuals over time to change and recreate the world as we see it. Through the pages of a single book, the entire world can become yours to hold in your hands.

A writer’ life is contemplative by nature, a matter of seeing the world from varied and slanted perspectives. Though writing is not usually a well-paying job (especially in the children’s field), you do it because you love it. That is why I continue to write. I love what I do, I love the people who enjoy my works. I do it for the kids, I do it for me. Writing can become an all-consuming obsession, requiring you to steal random moments of the day to entertain your passion.  Yes, I am a writer. But I am also a wife, a mother, a friend, an artist, a woman. 


Over the years, I have been asked about the source of inspiration for my stories. I have always tried my best to answer, but in truth, I could not explain what motivated me to write some of the things I have chosen to create. My best work has come like a flash of light, a spark that I did not expect and I quickly have to get it down on paper or lose it forever.

This is my obsession. I write to the point of missing it when I know longer write.  It calls to me like a siren sitting on a rock singing, luring sailors to their destruction.

What is your obsession with writing?

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