What does reading mean to you?


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For some readers, it’s a sense of intimacy while reading; having a special bond with the book in their hands. For some, reading is a way of staving off boredom. Others seek solace through books. Still, others are looking for edification or information.

To me, reading is opening the door to new ideas, thoughts, and learning about new things. While taking you into the mind of the author, being able to see things from their perspective. Reading is something that for me is a way of life, a necessity not a luxury.

What about for children? What does reading mean to them? How does it affect them? According to my little cousin, “Books become whatever friend you need, or want them to be!” Reading is something that is vital to children when trained, they even start to crave it.

So if you have a craving for something, what do you do? Usually, you indulge that craving (sometimes against better judgment lol). When a child craves a book, do you give it to them? With all of the things that can grab their attention, it’s refreshing when they reach for a book.

IMG_7747Even from infancy children can crave that desire. We read to our son every night before, and several times throughout the day, even if it’s just reading an e-mail out loud. At six months old he was loving the vibrant pictures, the feel of the pages, and yes sometimes the taste too. Just like when my father read to me, I too change my voice for the various characters. It can make the reading come alive!

Have you ever asked a child why? No, I’m not referring to the why game that they just love to play. I mean about books, why? Why do they enjoy reading? What draws them to that particular book? The answer may amaze you. They have amazing reasons as to why. I bet if you asked, their answers would not only impress you but make you think. Have you asked them what reading means to them?

I asked that to my niece, and I was surprised how much thought she had put into it. “Reading means just that, reading.  But it’s more. I read the books in school because I have to, but I don’t always like them. But I like reading the ones I chose. That’s the type of reading I enjoy, that’s when the book is my friend. The books in school aren’t always friends. Sometimes they’re like those girls I have to play with at recess, but I don’t enjoy it.”

See what I mean! She put some thought into her answer, and it made me step back and ponder my answer. Now I challenge you, leave a comment and tell us: what does reading mean to you?
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4 thoughts on “What does reading mean to you?

  • Rosie Russell

    Hi Carmela!
    Great post on what reading means to you! I too will have to ask some younger ones on what reading means to them. Your niece’s response was spot on. She loves books that she can choose that makes reading fun and enjoyable for her. 🙂

    Rosie Russell

    • Carmela Dutra Post author

      Hi Jimmy! Thank you so much for sending a shout out from Houston! Hi back, and I do hope you will stop by again and leave another comment with us about your thoughts on a blog. Have a great day!