The Perfect Leap Day

The Perfect Leap Day


It’s February 2016 and so those of us on the Gregorian calendar get to enjoy an extra day in the month! What will you do in those 24 bonus hours? How about learning something new, like making a new dish? Or trying something outside of your comfort zone? Take a day trip somewhere, or just indulge your inner sloth and laze the day away.


What I would love to do with an extra day is make it a me day! Focusing on giving myself some pampering, relaxation etc. Here are my ten suggestions—OK, eleven! It is a leap year, so it’s a leap list:



  1. Sleep in! Provided Levi allows me to do such a thing….
  2. Enjoy my favorite breakfast while enjoying some classic morning cartoons from my youth. Let’s see if you can guess…. I’m the terror that flaps in the night! Did you guess which cartoon I’m quoting from?? Hint think very early 90’s. Leave your answer in the comment section below!
  3. Take Levi and go outside for nice mid-morning stroll, snapping some pictures along the way.
  4. A little bit of yoga is good for the soul!
  5. Grab lunch out with David and Levi for an all you can eat, yet still healthy lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.
  6. Enjoy my one, and only favorite outdoor activity, gardening.
  7. After all that planting of flowers and veggies it’s time for mani pedi!
  8. JUST DANCE 2016! Woot woot!!
  9. Prepare Davids favorite dinner. OK, that one isn’t just for me, but I do enjoy cooking so it kind of is. Besides, it’s the least I can do since he will have taken Levi for most of the day.
  10. After putting Levi to bed with a story and song, I’ll watch my favorite movie of all time. What movie? It one that I just happen to know all of the lines to. TREMORS! I can watch that movie in any language and recite every line word for word. Do I have too much time on my hands? Perhaps… But it’s Tremors! So who the heck cares!
  11. Lastly, ending the day with a game of either Settlers of Catan, or D&D either way it’s a perfect end to the perfect day.


So there you have it, my perfect Leap Year Day. What does your Leap Year Day look like? What are something you would like enjoy?



Oh by the way, did you guess the cartoon? If not here’s the answer in this video, enjoy!!



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7 thoughts on “The Perfect Leap Day

  • Nelson Suit Post author

    Oh what a wonderfully lovely day this will be Carmela! Strolls, lunch and gardening – three of my favorite things. Strolls especially – I still remember when my son was small and we would go to the park. It was a time apart. Wish you every moment of joy and relaxation and time with your lovely family on your special day!

  • Rosie Post author

    I hope you have a Happy Leap Day Carmela!!
    Your post made this Monday much brighter for me! ? I will have to think of something to do or treat myself to celebrate this extra day!