Relationship between art and life

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and felt a wave of emotion hit you? Perhaps you were moved in ways you cannot express.  Did you smile bigger than you can remember,  did tears come rushing to your eyes? From the way flowers spin in the wind to the patterns on the wings of a butterfly, there is art and beauty all around us. Aesthetically, it is not hard to see something God has made to make your day a little better; seeing the beauty and grace.

Art is a way for an artist to show how he appreciates the life around him/her. Life changes daily, but an artist seems to make time stop on the canvas. But is art vital for daily life? Do think art is important in education? Art and culture are an important part of everyone’s life, but a lot of people don’t realize just how much culture and art influence their lives. In fact, many people grow to be the people that they are based on the art and culture that they’re exposed to as children and as young adults.

Art is the reason I am in the profession that I’m in today. The various avenues I was exposed to shaped who I am today. I was learning to draw and color long before I could even spell my name, or count to 100. The arts hold a very dear place in my heart. Everything about it, how you can take something out of virtually nothing, and create beautiful works from your imagination. You take your inner most feelings and let them out for all to see it through your eyes.  It’s as if you have a secret that you are sharing with the world, revealing a part of your soul, leaving yourself open and nakedly exposed.

There is no right or wrong way to create art. There are so many types, ranging from abstract to digital, the written form, to musical. We have the performing arts, the street artists, and let’s not forget to capture art through the lens of a camera. The list is endless, and I’m  sure you able to list at least five other types that would or could be deemed art that I didn’t list. My husband, for example, he is a general contractor and always tells me there is an art to plumbing. Now that may seem a silly to most,  but through his explaining it to me, I have come to understand what he means.

Art encompasses daily life. Society is facing a lot of different problems all over the world today, but an artist could find the perfect way to come up with solutions to these problems. After all, art is a way to inspire others while also becoming inspired yourself. Creativity is the only way to move forward in today’s modern world, as more people realize that the ways things are currently done are no longer serving them. For example, when it comes to finding new sources of clean energy, it’s often the most creative people who come up with the most innovative solutions that can help society move away from dirty fuel.

Art and culture also infuse a sense of history into individuals. Whether you’re looking at a historical painting in the MET, or you’re browsing a museum filled with artifacts and a variety of pieces of art from the multitude of cultures that have been on this planet for the ages; you’re learning something new about history. And this art and history can influence the way that you see and appreciate the world, as well as how you see and understand the past and present cultures from around the globe.

When you’re exposed to art and culture throughout your life, you’re learning a lot about the world, both regarding how it was and how it is today, as well as how it can be. Again, this education can help you come up with solutions, regardless of what career you end up pursuing, and it can make you a well-rounded individual who can get along with a variety of people.

Art and culture affect people of all ages, and it’s important to expose yourself, to expose our children to cultures from around the world, as well as to artwork that ranges from ancient sculptures to the most modern paintings. You may be surprised by how much your character is changed once you receive the education that comes with the infusion of art and culture into your life. So we owe it to our future generations to take an in-depth look into what art has to offer. After all, where would society be without the artists who helped to build the culture we are so proud of.

How has art influenced your life?


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One thought on “Relationship between art and life

  • Sandra Bennett

    Hi Cammy, Great post. Art has always fascinated me. I majored in art at high school and teachers college. Was a specialist art teacher on occasions over the years, but even as a classroom teacher or ESL/LOTE teacher always had art as a major focus in my classroom. There is so much we can teach kids through art, history, language, science. So when I was in France on holidays I was so lucky to have the chance to explore Monet’s Garden in Giverney. It was spectacular! A colour sensation like no other. A pure joy and dream come true. I sat on a bench overlooking his waterlilies for what seemed like hours. I didn’t want to move. My only disappointment is that I have never felt my own art is good enough to share with the rest of the world. I stick with the art of writing. 🙂