Ready, Set, Jump into Summer: C*U*R*R*E*N*T*L*Y Blog Hop

It’s summertime! That means sunscreen, kids playing in the pool, enjoying your favorite frozen treats and maybe some quality family time. With the long warm lazy days ahead of us, my fellow writer pals and I sharing a breezy summer dreams blog hop with all of you. What are we looking forward to this summer? Do we have any plans or books we are eager to enjoy over these next couple of months? Join us will you, for our annual Jumping into Summer Blog Hop. Please, have a read and discover how I’m finding my summer bliss. Then visit the #Gr8Blogs at the end of this post for even more summer inspiration and smiles.



I’m always an avid reader, but there is something about the warm summer evenings that make me want to read even more. Relaxing in a lounge chair in the backyard with a good book is a great way for me to unwind. I recently finished Dear Mrs. Bird by AJ Pearce. 

Set in London during WWII, Emmeline Lake and her best friend Bunty are doing their bit for the war effort and trying to stay cheerful, despite the German planes making their nightly raids. Emmy dreams of becoming a Lady War Correspondent, and when she spots a job advertisement in the newspaper she seizes her chance; but after a rather unfortunate misunderstanding, she finds herself typing letters for the formidable Henrietta Bird, renowned advice columnist of Woman’s Friend magazine.

Mrs. Bird is very clear: letters containing any Unpleasantness must go straight into the bin. But as Emmy reads the desperate pleas from women who may have gone too far with the wrong man, or can’t bear to let their children be evacuated, she begins to secretly write back to the readers who have poured out their troubles.

What I really enjoyed most of this novel was how clean it was. It has been some time since I’ve read a book that used zero profanity and no discussion involving sexual scenes. This was something I found to be truly refreshing as it is not needed to tell a good story. Clearly, based on the praise this book has received AJ Pearce did not need any that to make an impact with readers. The story is light-hearted, but with a warmth and compassion that can be missing from today’s stories. I will most definitely be checking out future books by Pearce. Highly recommended.


I seem to always have ideas or illustrations swimming around in my head if I don’t do something about them they nag at me. That is where I currently am. I have two maybe three ideas I’m working on to create some new kid lit books. I am still completely enamored with my newest series Exploring STEAM with Little Katie (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). I love focusing on educating children in a fun and imaginative way. I’ve been working closely with a few school districts these past three years for author workshops and I’ve come to see what the teachers are in need of. Books to encourage all of their students to look at the fun side of science and the surrounding fields. Many children feel these subjects are boring, with little interest in science and math. Using imagination and little creativity, I’ve been able to reach multiple students and have helped them to see learning can be both educational and fun. With the help of these dedicated educators and administrators, I’ve been able to find the topics that are of most interest to the children and their teachers. Until further inspiration strikes, Little Katie

Thinking about

This year is going to open a whole new chapter for my family as we will soon be growing by TWO FEET! Yep, we are expecting our second child, a beautiful boy to join our family. I cannot wait to become a “boy mom.” I love my first son beyond words (as I assume most parents do) from the moment I learned I would be having another boy, I cannot envision myself having anything other than two beautiful blue-eyed boys.  It’s such a surreal feeling knowing that soon I will have two small children and my little Hammy will become a big brother! A role he is already very excited about and eager to step into. Until our newest little bundle of joy arrives, I am soaking up as much time as I can with us as a family of three, and me, a momma of one. I cannot wait for the end of summer/start of fall to arrive and embark on this new journey.




Summer is usually the time for road trips or family vacations. Seeing as how this summer will put me starting and finishing my third trimester all in one, we decided on stay-cations this year. I imagine a number of days just hanging out kiddie poolside with my main boy.

We did manage to squeeze in one last family of three only weekend getaway trip to our favorite animal park, but otherwise, we’ll be sticking close to home. Visiting some family that is within driving distance and a few day trips to local attractions sprinkled throughout is on our horizon. I’m planning a pretty chill and relaxed summer, lots of early morning park trips and evening family walks, with the occasional ice cream cone thrown in for good measure. 

Thanks for stopping by! How are you CURRENTLY jumping into this summer? Making big plans? Keeping it low with stay-cations? Ticking off books on your to-read list? Please share in the comment section.
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7 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Jump into Summer: C*U*R*R*E*N*T*L*Y Blog Hop

  • James Milson

    Congratulations again on the family expansion! That is so wonderful. A nice summer and time to relax, devote family time, and allow the creative inspirations to flow. Wishing all the best and blessings as your family moves forward!

  • Rosie Russell

    Carmela, what a fun summer you have ahead of you.

    Putting the book you read, “Dear Mrs. Bird by AJ Pearce.” on my list for summer reads. I love books that switch up with added letters.

    I know the California schools run year round, so you will be forever busy with sharing your books and fun activities.
    You are just like me when a book nags to be written. It will be fun to see what you come up with.

    Congrats again on your new son to arrive. I remember the summer our second one was born and how we wanted to make everything very special for the older one. I’m sure he will be a protective, wonderful, helper.

    We used to do lots of staycations. We built fun memories and still talk about them today. Even a picnic in the backyard was an adventure. It’s all about what you make it to be.

    Have a great summer Carmela!

  • Cat Michaels

    Sooooo excited about your new little person! Looking at your family photo and those smiles, I can tell your guys are pumped about the new addition, too-:D.

    ADORED the audio of “Mrs. Bird, too.” It was a hoot while also showing what life was like for career women in mid-20th century England.

    Enjoy your summer staycation and chill. Can’t wait to learn what you do next with Little Katie and STEAM books.

  • Julie Gorges

    I’m going to check out Dear Mrs. Bird. Sounds like my kind of book. Your summer plans sound wonderful – and what’s better than waiting for a brand new life to enter the world. Have a great summer, Carmela!

  • Sandra Bennett

    Congratulations again on the upcoming arrival of son number 2. Being a mother of boys is wonderful. I raised three sons and couldn’t imagine our family any other way. One of the best things about raising boys, is gaining the gorgeous daughter-in-laws that come into your life later. Seeing them together and starting their own families, makes you know you raised your boys well. Rest up this summer and enjoy the journey, he will be here soon.

  • Mackenzie Flohr

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I would have absolutely loved to have had a little brother, or even a big brother. Unfortunately, I am an only child, but very excited for your little Hammy.

    Your author workshops sound really interesting!

  • Rebecca Lyndsey

    Congratulations on your big news! Hope you enjoy your staycations. Hubby and I are currently building a back porch so no vaca budget but hopefully we get to do some staycations as well.