November is #PictureBookMonth: Interview with Lise Chase


November is Picture Book Month, and I want to help share pictures books!

Since this month only comes around once a year, and given the fact that I am an author and illustrator of picture books myself this hits home with me. I want to have a full share in this month, so I will dedicate this entire month to blogging about picture books. I will be having interview’s with some fellow KidLit authors and will share their books with all of you.

I would like to introduce all of you to Lise’ Chase. Lise has been writing and illustrating for the last four years.  After raising her children, she reenergized and started on her new journey.  Proud mother of 4, all of her children are college graduates.  She has a daughter with her CPA and currently in law school with an academic scholarship from UCLA.  A son who has ten books published traditionally.  A son that is a business manager for a large corporation and her youngest son is attending UGA graduate school on a full academic scholarship in mathematics.  Her passions are the outdoors and children.  She loves going to schools and sharing her stories with the kids and seeing their faces as they fall in love with Wally and Warren.  There is no better judge of her book writing skills than to see the children fully engaged as she weaves the stories of friendship, with valuable lessons intertwined into the rhyming tales.

When did you decide to become a writer and why?   After I turned 50 several stories came to me in a short period.  I decided that I wanted to illustrate them to show children simple drawings that they could recreate easily.


How long does it usually take you to complete a book?  It takes me about four months to illustrate the story from beginning to editing to publishing.


What is your editing process like?  Editing the story and illustrations takes me much longer than it does to do the original.  When you are debuting your book with teachers, you want it to be perfect!  I use a professional editor, especially since I have no grammar skills at all!  I also have someone that makes sure the pictures are in sync with the written story.


Do you have a particular time to write?  I am very fortunate that the stories come to me quickly, even the rhyming.  The illustrations I do in short sets, usually doing many pages in a few days, taking time off, then another short spurt.


How has your product evolved over the years?  The first year that I reached out to schools in fall of 2014, I read to about 300 students, in the autumn of 2015 I read to over 2000 and in total over 10,000 in the last few years.  This year I have schools calling me to set up readings.  I have parents and schools that buy the books and the Wally and Warren stuffed animals.  Wally and Warren have been featured in an Elementary school yearbook on the “Kindergarten Rocks” page and have had over a thousand children download books in just a few days on Amazon.  Wally and Warren are also proud to be on Barnes and; we have no idea how that happened, but we are very proud!  I am a self-published author, so I didn’t even know that was possible.


wallywarrenWhat have you written and can you tell us a little about it?  I have eight books in The Adventures of Wally and Warren book series. The Adventures of Wally and Warren book series are tales of friendship weaved into stories that teach valuable life lessons to children in fun rhyming fashion while they fall in love with Wally and Warren along the way.


Is there anything you are working on right now that you would like to share?  The Halloween Surprise was released in September.  It introduces children to a scary tale in fun filled rhyming fashion and introduces them to geometric shapes and of course, it’s all about friendship.


Any advice for aspiring authors?  I have been fortunate to know already that I have inspired several writers to achieve their goals in writing.  My goal with this series has always been to inspire many young readers to write and illustrate their stories.  In fact, I leave the brush strokes in my simple drawings so that young readers can see that they can do this too!  My #1 tip – Finish your book – So many authors get stuck in making their story and then reworking and reworking, only making it different, not better.  JUST FINISH IT ALREADY!  I help students who have a story with pictures by making it into an actual book for them, just like the Wally and Warren books.


Give us an insight into your main character – Wally and Warren are the quintessential polar opposite duo.  Wally, the penguin, is the adventurous one that is always getting into trouble while Warren the polar bear is the one that tries to keep Wally out of trouble.  They not only entertain but they also teach kids valuable lessons while they observe this opposite polar friendship.

Thank you so much for joining us Lise. It has been my privilege to share your stories here for Picture Book Month. If you would like more information you can visit Lise at the links listed below. As always, thank you in advance for comments! Lise or I will get back to you lickety-split! See you all next week.


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11 thoughts on “November is #PictureBookMonth: Interview with Lise Chase

    • Carmela Dutra Post author

      I couldn’t agree with you more Margie! I too just adore the Wally and Warren books, they are perfect tools for teaching young minds. I just love getting to know fellow authors on a personal level and hearing more about their journey to authorship. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Linda Short

    Always adore hearing about Wally and Warren! The kids from my classes get so engaged in these stories. Love hearing more about the author. Thank you

    • Carmela Dutra Post author

      Author visits are such a great way to get children involved, and it’s a fun break from the routine of the classroom. I hope you are able to schedule future author visits with Lise, and maybe others too. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Linda Short

    My class was fortunate enough to have this author come to our school! Great interview and Wally and Warren are so cute! The kids love to hug them when she visits.

    • Carmela Dutra Post author

      That is so awesome to hear. Thank you for sharing that with us, I’m sure that was all the kiddos could talk about for days, and bragging to everyone how they met a real live author! Thank you for stopping by Linda.

  • Rosie Russell

    Hi Carmela and Lise! Thanks for sharing this interesting journey about how author Lise Chase makes her books! Also, thanks for sharing all about her school visits! We love the “Wally and Warren” series here in our home!
    Best wishes to you both always! 🙂

    • Carmela Dutra Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Rosie, always great to see you here. I just love hearing the backstory to authors, each author has traveled down a different road. It can be hard to not compare our journey to that of fellow author, but I like to hear their experiences and use those to build on.

  • Sondra

    I really enjoyed reading and getting to know the author and creative behind Wally and Warren! I love her advice for aspiring authors ~ just finish the book, haha. yes, indeed! I like how relatable the animal characters are, like siblings ~ thus making it that much enjoyable for tiny readers and adults alike!

  • Cat Michaels

    Wallie and Warren are rock stars! Love the way they jump from Lise’s imagination onto the page and into the schools. Appreciate the insights into Lise’s creative process… wow! four months from start to finish of her charming books is an impressive production window.