Letter to my Younger Self

Oh if I only knew…..

Words we’ve all heard and said ourselves, many times over I’m sure. A group of us bloggers decided to take those words and run with the idea to create a blog hop, where we write letters to our younger selves.

It’s thought-provoking, and cathartic in a way to reflect on the past  and see how yourself has grown now way in the present life. It also allows you the opportunity to reflect on the past.

Be sure to check out the awesome bloggers listed below who share their letter to their younger selves. You too can join us easy peasy! Let s get started shall we…



A letter to Carmela,

Oh boy, where do I start?? I want to give you some prolific advice but I’m finding it rather difficult to do so, and this is for two reasons. First, because I know us, and we are very stubborn. There are times when I do something simply in protest to being told I can’t do it. Not all of the time, just some of the time. So if I know myself, and if I tell you not to do something, well… then chances are you most likely will do it just to prove a point.

 I will be the first to say that I’m a type a person who will cut off my nose to spite my face. So I guess what I would say is that stubbornness, when wielded wisely can result in wonderful blessings! So many people say stubbornness is a bad thing, but if you want something badly enough and are prepared to work towards the and result, it will happen. 

The second reason would be that mystery in life is a good thing! If I start telling you too much about the future then it will take the mystery out of things. As you grow, things are going to happen that you were not going to see coming.  Some good, some bad, and some will catch you entirely by surprise! 

So instead of telling you of all the important things to expect, I guess the way I’m going to give you advice is by giving you a few things to keep in mind. This way I don’t take the mystery out of things, and I don’t bring our stubbornness and to play. Let’s face it we have enough stubbornness to go around and then some, why add to  it. 

First and foremost, never forget the relationship that you have with God. That is what will get you through every  difficult trial you will ever face in life. You’re going to face some devastation, but with every rain cloud comes a beautiful rainbow! 

You will have the tendency to look at the glass as half empty with the dust of the remains of what once was. Which is totally fine! Negativity is apart of life in this system, and sometimes you have to feel a little down to fully appreciate the good around you. However,  it’s also OK to look at that same glass as half full.  Focusing on the prospects that lie ahead, the good that you have, and the blessings you have experienced. 

Never give up on your dreams, regardless of what they are, or how far-fetched they seem. You will never cease to be amazed at the support of your family and close friends, they are invaluable to your success!

typorama (1)

You might since it there’s a running theme here about stubbornness don’t ever give up on being stubborn, it’s part of what makes you, you! That stubbornness, that drive, is going to open doors and lead to wonderful things. It will also lead to a lot of frustration, and dead ends. Stubbornness is in your blood! After all, we are Irish Italian mix, it’s a good thing! You’re not afraid to speak your mind, and defiantly not afraid of confrontation. Which sometimes does result in some less than pleasant situations, but it also leads to some pretty epic stories!  But again, stubbornness when wielded wisely is a good thing.

They often say that blood is thicker than water. It’s what defines us, it’s what drives us, and is also what curses us. I am here to tell you though that is not always the case. You will meet people in your life that will become closer to you than some of your relatives, and it’s not a bad thing. You love your family dearly, but a couple of your friends will mean more to you than most precious jewels on earth. One man in particular. You will also find that there exists individuals who stick closer to you than a brother. Treasure these friends, for they are your true friends!

As long as you keep these things in mind, you will have a life full of adventure and wonder that you could never imagine! You will have the opportunity to experience what few do, and that is the real life!       

Happy adventures, until we talk again stay stubborn my friend!


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