Humility Party of One!


Be Humble they say. It’s a tricky thing to do – if you think you’ve managed it, then perhaps you’re being too arrogant about your humility. I can’t claim to be the humblest person ever, though I try to avoid boasting about my huge array of incredible talents, such as my awesome Hula hooping skills, my ability to recall completely useless facts at the drop of a hat. Or there’s my uncanny ability to laugh exactly like Donald Duck! Alrighty, I’m going to stop there.

Joking aside, the past several weeks have actually been a very humbling experience. As I try to work my way back into the normal routine of life and juggling the new throes of motherhood, I’ve had to admit that I can’t cope with taking it all on at once – that I do need to take things slowly. For someone who’s spent years throwing herself into things, and not needing much help from others to accomplish things  has been quite the struggle.

Even though I’ve always been one to readily say asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness but rather sign of strength, this is entirely different when you’re the one on the other end. When you are the one who is having to ask for assistance when you are not accustomed to doing so. When you realize that you need help accomplish a task that once could be done in 15-30 minutes now takes you all day, if you’re lucky.

Why is this a struggle? Is it pride? Not wanting to bother someone else? Refusal to accept that things are different, and you don’t have the same 24 hours in a day that the next person has? Perhaps it’s all of the above, or none of them at all. Sadly, the reality is the society that we live in today has a way of making individuals feel as though they are weak if they express humility. Whether it is being humble about their own limitations, or humble in their accomplishments, you’re weak. Whereas pride is the sought after thing.

There is nothing wrong with being prideful, when it’s over the right things. Just as with everything modesty is key, everything has its own place and time. You can be prideful and still humble at the same time, you can strike the perfect balance. 

Being humble about my own limitations has always been a struggle for me. I’ve always been the type who wants to handle and tackle everything myself, and finish it once it’s started. That’s just not always realistic, especially now. I recognize that I do need help accomplishing things that never were a challenge for me before. There just is not enough hours in the day for me to tackle everything on my own, while still maintaining my own sanity.

image3It takes humility on an individuals part to recognize this. To recognize their own limitations whether those limitations are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual we all have limitations. I can attest firsthand in saying that it is never easy to ask for help, even when there is a legitimate reason to do so. However, doing so shows strength, whereas refusal can be more of a weakness.

These are just my thoughts on the day. Today is the humble day, what does this mean to you? How can you live this day?

For me, continuing to recognize my own limitations. It is not a weakness, instead I view it as a sign of strength. It allows me more enjoyment in life, and peace of mind. Asking for help allows me to have more time to spend with my baby son, I have more quality time with my husband, for work, and for myself. So for me, instead of focusing on humility and pride aspect, I’m going to focus on humility in the sense of recognizing my own strengths and weaknesses; every day of the year, not just one.

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