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Well, it’s that time of the week, Monday! While Monday’s are no Friday, they still give us something that only comes around once a week. Drum-roll, please ……. MONDAY BLOGS! Today’s blog is from guest blogger Donna; she is the founder of Gomee Girl. I am so excited to have Donna here with us today as she tells us a little about herself, and the mission of Gomee Girl. Sit back, and enjoy this week’s blog.  Now, I turn the blogging over to you Gomee Girl! 


Hello Friends! I’m so happy to be here with you, and I’m so grateful to the amazing Carmela Dutra for inviting me to guest blog!

I’m Donna, and I’m the lucky mom of 3 beautiful children and the wife of one amazing man! I love all kinds of flowers, and I love to grow them in the Gomee Girl all summer long up here in New Hampshire. I have a serious love for Italian food, and you’ll never catch me on a bad day because I don’t believe in them; all days are good if you just look around a little! My family makes my heart flutter with joy and zinnias make me happy.
I’m all grown up now (although I giggle like a kid most of the time) but I remember being a young girl and trying to grow up. It wasn’t always easy! Being the real me was sometimes disguised behind trying to fit in, and being afraid. I remember what it felt like to try to be me, and I know that there are so many girls out there who feel the exact same way. But you know what? I learned that it’s okay to be ME… always! I think that the sooner we can get this message to our girls, the better! Expressing the real you is where it’s at!

When we encourage our girls to express themselves and to be true to themselves, they become connected to that special part in their heart that knows them best. Helping our girls express themselves gives them the freedom to know and become who they are meant to be. This is ME and I love MEE! Go Mee! When our girls do this, they gain confidence, and confidence leads to great things!
Leaders are confident. Change makers are confident. People who step out of the box and create good in our world are confident.

Gomee Girls believe in themselves and in their dreams; in being true to themselves, in dreaming big and expressing who they truly are, they gain confidence… and confident girls create positive change in the world.
So, go ahead… Go Be YOU!® The sky is not the limit! Be yourself because, in doing so, you share something amazing with the world… you share the gift of YOU!


Thank you so much for sharing a little bit about yourself, and that of Gomee Girl. You can find Gomee Girl on the following social media channels. You are welcome you to stop by sometime to say hello, they’d love to see you!
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3 thoughts on “Go Be You! A Gomee Girl Guest Blogger

  • K. Lamb

    Donna you are always inspiring, dear friend. Continue your mission and know that you are doing your part to help young girls learn to accept themselves, be proud of who they are, and share their gifts with the world. With knowledge comes confidence.

    XOXO Love you,


  • Tracy Bryan

    Hi Donna and what a fab guest post! I try to be a positive person too and I really like the message you’re sending young girls. My fave sentence you wrote was “When we encourage our girls to express themselves and to be true to themselves, they become connected to that special part in their heart that knows them best.” Bravo!