Earth Day Every Day

April 22nd, what comes to mind when you hear this date? Maybe your birthday? Or is it your anniversary? Well, it’s someone’s anniversary, can you guess who?? That’s right, our dear Mother Earth! April 22nd is her day. It never changes, every year on this day people around the globe will celebrate Earth Day.

On April 22, 1970, was the first Earth Day. An estimated 20 million Americans took to the street in support of the environment and in protest to harmful environmental practices. Never mind that “protests” were all the rage at the time. This effort produced a lasting impact on the environment and brought about greater awareness in regards to our planet, its resources, and our eco-system. The things we are putting in the air, water, and earth were impacting us and still are today.

Our dear earth is a beautiful, wonderful precious gift that we are privileged to live upon. This planet is home to wonderful animals and an immense species of plants, trees, etc. How we treat our beautiful home is a reflection of how we feel towards this gift that we have been given. One day just isn’t enough. It’s a great start, but it’s just not enough. For any of you reading this who have ever gardened, you know how much of an undertaking it can be. There’s a lot of work to do, you are not finished in just one afternoon. We all live on this earth together, so we are all in this together.

Change is possible, even an old dog can learn new tricks! Change can start with simple things in our daily lives that go beyond just separating our papers from plastics. This amazingly beautiful planet gives us so much! What can we do in return? Simple things, add up to big things! If you live in California you are aware of the massive drought we have been facing. Heck! If you turn on the news and listen to the weather for 5 minutes, you’ve likely heard about the drought we have been facing. We are no longer to the same degree that we were last year, but we still have to conserve. It’s a concerning thing for us Californians, but what can we do?

  • Sweep. Don’t hose. I repeat SWEEP! Cleaning your driveway and sidewalks with a hose not only sends dirty water into the storm drains that lead to our beaches, it a huge waste of water! If you live in California you are experiencing first hand how precious this liquid gold is becoming.
  • Reusable is better. Okay, I know what you are thinking: “This Californian from the Bay Area is going all hippy on us.” While even I laughed while typing that, I’m not. I drink bottled water too, in fact, I have two cases in my garage. Wouldn’t you agree though that the water tastes better out of glass?  Instead of buying case after case of bottled water, carry a reusable bottle. I have over a dozen myself both glass and BPA free plastic ones. Plastic bottles water bottles are one of the top five most common types of litter found. You will also save money, avoid the risk of toxins, and find the taste to be more enjoyable.
  • Volunteer. How many of us complain over the trash we see littering our freeways, parks, parking lots, etc. Many hands make the load light. So instead of complaining, let’s do something about it! If nothing else, pick up a piece of trash that you come across and dispose of it in the proper place. Not only are we taking a simple step in helping, but we are also helping the animals. And who doesn’t want to help those cute and cuddly little guys!

We share our marvelous home with our furry (and non-furry alike) companions. They can’t speak for themselves to tell us they are struggling with the litter we produce. We owe it to them to help take care of their home too.

These are just three simple things we can do that can lead to a big impact. What are your thoughts? What would you suggest?  If we don’t start now, then when?There is no better time than now to celebrate our beautiful blue planet during this year’s Earth Day. A simple step is all it takes to making big changes.

Happy Earth Day!

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One thought on “Earth Day Every Day

  • James R Milson

    Some good tips and information, Carmela! Outside of California and the Southwest, sweeping vs hosing may never come to mind for others unaffected by droughts and dry conditions, but it should because water is and will become ever more precious to us all – everywhere. And the amount of plastic wastes in the oceans has reached critical levels, impacting not only fish but also birds, seals, whales, and all marine creatures. We all need to remember that “humans” are part of the natural Earth cycle too, despite how separate and above it all we may think. Thanks for the insights and reminders! Happy Earth Day! 🌎