Doodle, Draw, and Sketch…

fingerpaintingKids LOVE to draw! They love to doodle everywhere, and on everything in sight. Anyone who has kids, nieces, nephews or even babysat can contest to this.  As much as we love their works of art (everything they create is art. Even if it’s abstract), we don’t want it on our walls lol. But what is it that draws children to art (Pardon the pun lol)?

It seems to provide visual enjoyment, but kids are also interested in the marks that are left behind. (If the drawing implement does not work, they quickly loses interest. I’m sure you have experienced this.) The act of scribbling can serve several useful purposes for the kids, especially young ones. Small muscle coordination and control improve with practice, cognitive abilities are exercised, opportunities for social interaction arise, and the physical movements provide emotional release.

Aristotle famously said that the purpose of art is a catharsis. If looking at or making a piece of art leads to some outburst of emotions, it’s done its job. Any artist can contest to this fact; I know I can. aristotle-quote

When it comes to painting, drawing, sketching, or even doodling, the end product is not what is most important. It’s the process. It doesn’t have to be spectacular or unusual; it’s the process that brings the most joy. When any child creates something and has fun while doing it, that’s what matters.

In simple, it feels good to draw. Kids feel good about it, and what they create.   Sadly, though, as time goes children can start to drift away from art.  Losing that excitement they once had, and sometimes entirely turning their back on it. Can we do anything to prevent this from happening? Most surely we can!

By taking trips to local museums, kids can get up close and personal with art. Show them pieces that others have created similar to what they create. Introduce them to different mediums, encouraging them to engage in new styles. Get excited with them over art, the beauty that is art.

I come from a family of artists. Everyone on my father’s side has a strong love for the arts. All of us have our area that is near and dear to our heart. I grew up always surrounded by art, in one form or another. Taking trips to local museums, art galleries, I soaked up every minute of it! Because of this immersion, I connected with art. It stuck with me down to this day.

I live and breathe art. It’s my passion, my love, my life. It’s a part of my identity. Without it, I would feel a void.  I feel sadness when children do not have art in their lives. You can’t miss what you don’t have, but I honestly feel for them. Never being introduced to the beauty that is art is heartbreaking. It’s one thing to have experienced and has no desire for it. It’s another to have never been exposed to it at all.

Everything a child scribbles is art, it’s beautiful and reflects what they are feeling. What more precious gift could you ask for? If you have ever received a drawing from a child I know you hold that treasure close to your heart, they poured their heart and soul into it, and you love it. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of you are reading this still have drawings hanging in your house from 10, 15, or even 20 years ago. My dad still has my pictures hanging in his garage, they are a little worse for wear, but he shows them proudly to any who comes over.

I firmly believe all children should have art in their lives, even if it just doodling, as some may feel. I also strongly believe that children should have books in their lives.  I implore all of you, let’s help encourage a love for the arts. Let’s get our kids excited to doodle, draw, and sketch. Let’s do everything we can to keep this love in them alive and vigorous!arts

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One thought on “Doodle, Draw, and Sketch…

  • Rosie Russell

    Hi Carmela, Great article! Yes, I feel all children love art in some shape or form. Having them explore all the options out there will help them find what they enjoy the best. Art is a wonderful therapy for those that have a hard time expressing their words or feelings. I love art and everything about it! I hope all children and adults will give it a try if they haven’t already or found their niche with it.