Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom

MommaLeviIn my pre-kid life, I never imagined that someday I’d be a stay-at-home mom. It’s not that I didn’t want kids, I just never thought about stuff like that. Honestly, I didn’t. Now that I am one, I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s loud, messy, crazy, challenging, I hardly have any time to myself. Between four cats and a 7-month-old, there is no privacy in the bathroom that’s for sure! I seem to go through more laundry that I thought would be possible. In fact, that is one of my gripes. Everyone tells you how much laundry the baby will go through, but they fail to mention how much you go through as the parent. Yet, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Above all else, it’s fun! It’s exciting, each day brings new surprises, new challenges, we discover new things together, we grow together, we thrive. As a mother with my son, and as a family unit as a whole, we grow closer each and every day.

In addition to being a Stay At Home Mom (SHAM), I am also a Work At Home Mom (WAHM), so I’m always pulling double or triple duty (no pun intended). Do my day’s ever go as planned? HA-HA!! No. That’s okay, though, because this is where the most important thing comes into play, flexibility. Some days, I’m amazed at the things I’ve accomplished, so much that I can’t stop talking about all managed to do. There are times when all I can talk about at the dinner table is how much laundry I washed, folded and put away. How the kitchen is the cleanest it’s been in a week! Or when I’m able to illustrate during the day, when Levi is awake! Oh, my god, it’s like the goose that laid the golden egg!  Then other days, well… let’s just say I’m happy both of us are fed and clothed. Again flexibility. This is a word that I have come to learn, appreciate, and love in a way I never thought I ever could.SAHM

Flexibility allows me to sit on the floor with my little guy while he’s  playing with his soft blocks. While working, I stop every couple of minutes as needed, or as wanted to play and just stare adoringly at him.  I know that I am fortunate to have the opportunity, flexibility, and most of all support from my husband to be a stay home/work at home wife and mother. This is not something that I take for granted.

For me, being a WAHM is the best of both worlds. I get to be here for the first giggle and step, first cry and laugh. I’m still the same person I was before Levi arrived, now I just have this extra amazing  little person with me all the time! Oh trust me, it can be a crazy juggling act on some days, but the multitasking is worth it! I cannot imagine not having him with me every moment of the day.

leviBeing a WHAM means that every day is bring your son to work day! I love it! I love that I can set him up next to me on the floor while I’m sitting at the drafting table working. I’ve tried working on the floor next to him, let’s just say that was less than productive. His reach, my god! It’s like he’s a little octopus baby he has so many hands going all over the place!

For me, it comes down to four things. Having the right attitude, having a good support system (my husband is amazing! I couldn’t do it without his loving support.), lots and lots of flexibility, and having a realistic schedule. I must admit, I am still working on that last one.

Just because I’m a stay at home mom doesn’t mean my life has to be all baby, all the time. I totally know how to have (and often do) grown up conversations. Even if we are just staying in, my husband and I have a regular date night, which is vital for our relationship. We have our close friends that we still spend way too much time with. Oh and don’t even get me started on my personal breaks. It’s like switching gears, for even a few moments is refreshing. When Levi goes down for his glorious two-hour nap, I try and make that my “me time.” Whether I’m sitting quietly and enjoy a snack, or I want to clean and organize something, it keeps me sane.

This is just the beginning of my life, as SHAM/WHAM. Let’s see where this wild ride takes us!


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