Childhood Memories

I spent this past weekend cleaning up around the house, organizing boxes.  All of this was to find something specific, which alas it was nowhere to be found.  What I did find were some old photo albums.  Won’t you agree with me when I say there is this feeling of

nostalgia when you flip through old photo albums?

Looking through those photos brought back memories.  Seeing pictures of my old cat Tom (who lived to be 20yrs old) my sister, our old bedroom that we shared. Those memories got me thinking about what some of my favorites were.  There wasn’t anything I would trade for my summers playing in the backyard with my father’s tools. Or going to park for a game of Frisbee. But what were some of my favorite memories??

Then I was reminded when I saw some of my old books.  Some of the best memories of my childhood are when my father and I would read.  It wasn’t even always reading the same book together; often he would pick me up a comic book and get a classic car magazine for himself.  We would go out back, sit in one of his cars (my father was an auto body repair’s man, specializing in classic cars) and read.  Even though we didn’t always read a book “together” we still read together.

When the weekend is upon us what will we do?  We take the time to schedule activities, make arrangements, run errands. Can we take some of that time and schedule reading?  It won’t cost anything rather; it will create memories that money can’t buy!

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8 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

  • Carolin palmer Post author

    What a lovely blog post. I enjoyed the time I spent with my dad too. He wasn’t one to read to me but he was an adventurer. He built the stories for me to write.
    That was just beautiful Carmela!

  • Carolin palmer Post author

    I am back to comment again. This is my favorite blog of yours so far. I would really like to know more about you and your dads relationship. It is far too often we never hear of the impact a good dad has on who we become later on in life. I know for me my dad played a significant role and was he was the most fun dad any child could want. Tell me more about yours please?

    • Carmela Dutra Post author

      Both of the comments you left Carolin are so touching to me, thank you! My father and I are close, I don’t see him as much as I did when I lived at home but we still keep close. Hearing about your dad made me want to know more of yours too! You are right often times it’s more the mother and not as much the father that are credited. You give me an idea for an upcoming blog…

  • Cat Michaels Post author

    (Stopping by from the Linky Hop to say hello, Carmela!)

    Love, love, love old photos. They bring instant memories. In fact, I can feel the soft fur of my childhood kitten when I see photos of us together. Don’t get me started about seeing photos of Mama that bring tears to my eyes. I agree with Carolin: there’s a lovely story here about your dad.

  • Linda Post author

    I had a precious relationship with my father. He read to me and helped me with homework later on in my school years. He played with us and loved us so. The sad part of Daddy is that he got pancreatic cancer in 1960 and died 6 months later. He was only 46 and I was 12. I still miss him so. But I have such special memories of him with me and my two younger sisters. We are all in our 60s now and the two sisters are asking me questions about Daddy for they want to know more. They were 10 and 7 when he died.

    • Carmela Dutra Post author

      Linda, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for expressing your comments, it’s so precious to have relationships with our parents like you had with your father.

  • James Milson

    Reading time together is truly special. I do not remember exactly my first or earliest reading experience with my Mother, because it started so very early. But will never forget the first and one of my all-time favorite books still – “The Little Engine That Could.” Thanks for sharing the memories!