typorama (11)August 9th is Book Lovers Day! WhooooHoooooo!!  For book lovers everywhere this means delving into our favorite books! Talking to others about books, going to a bookstore to look for new books, or in other words, the same thing we do every day. The only difference, today is like our own holiday!

To honor today, and highlight all that Book Lovers Day is, some of my blogging pals and I decided to have a blog hop to talk about this day BOOKS! Books we grew up with, books we love to read over and over, or what got us into reading in the first place.

Did you ever read a book that just made you fall madly in love with it? Maybe you didn’t care to read at all, but after picking up that one book it changed how you feel about reading? Can you relate to this? I know I can!

When I was younger, I was not into reading. In fact, I despised it with every fiber of my being. Mostly because I wasn’t a good reader. This had nothing to do with my parent’s, they would always read to me. They would always take my sister and me to the local libraries, and on special occasions, we would visit the big downtown library. Despite all of that, reading just wasn’t my forte. Eventually, mom picked me some of those hooked on phonics books (do you remember those books?). It helped with my reading, but I still wasn’t hooked on reading.

reader-rabbit_1As with most things in life whether you like it or not, you have to keep with it, and so I did. My mother then moved onto games such as reader rabbit (now that game was a lot of fun! It would encourage me to do more so I could unlock other levels), there were a few Clifford games too. With each new thing my mother tried, I inched closer to books.

One day while at the library with my parents, I stumbled across Death Watch by Robb White. It seemed interesting, the last page of the book really piqued my interest (I always read the last page of a book first to see if it grabs my attention).  So I took it home, and the rest is history.

It’s not my favorite book, but it is the book that really sparked my love of reading. The excitement of suspense, based on a fight to the finish between an honest and courageous young man, and a cynical business tycoon who believes that anything can be had for a price.Deathwatch_(Novel)

My favorite book will always be held by A flaw in the Blood , by Stephanie Barron.  Set in the late 1800’s filled with secrets that are so powerful and dangerous it could topple the entire monarchy. This is a book that I can get lost in over, and over, and over again!flaw in the blood


Today, I have many books that I enjoy reading and new ones that I cannot wait to jump into! I gravitate towards mystery books, maybe it’s because that was the first book I read that made me fall in love with reading. Perhaps it’s because I like the thrill of the chase, I’m not sure. What I am sure of is this,  when I look back and think how there was a time that I did not enjoy reading, and would do anything I could to get out of it; I am grateful my parents never stopped pushing me. If they had, then I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have this love of reading, nor likely be an author.

IMG_8059Like my parent’s I read to my son every day, several times a day. It’s never too early to encourage reading, it’s never too early to get a book in their hands. Just be prepared for all of the chewing that poor book will endure. I talk, sing, and read all day to my son. In fact, I’ve read this blog out loud to him before I even pressed the publish button. I think he approves of it, he gave me three babbles and high pitched squeal of excitement.

So I implore you, all of you, to never stop looking for that book. That one book that will spark everything for you. I owe my love of reading to my parents! My hope is that one day, my son will say the same thing.

There is a book for everyone, it doesn’t matter what you like. Like deserts, books come in all kinds of tasty treats!

What about you? Do you have a love for reading yet? What is your favorite book(s)? Do you remember that first book you read? Please leave a comment to share with us below!

Now, let’s kick up our feet, grab a cup/glass of your favorite beverage, and enjoy some of the other various blogs about books! You can find them at the links below!


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16 thoughts on “#BookLoversDay

    • Carmela Dutra Post author

      Oh thank you for your kind words Julie. I’ve already noticed a difference with our little one when he’s read to several times a day, versus just once or twice a day. He’s more calm, and really enjoys the cuddle time. He’s now turning the pages himself (cardboard books, not paper back yet).

      I love the way Stephane Barron writes, I still have yet to try her pride and prediuce series though.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Cat Michaels

    I get the cutest image of your little boy chewing his way into readying, Carmela -:D. I haven’t heard of either of the two books that sparked you into books, but I’m glad they did. My spark was a Dick and Jane primer my teacher dad bought home when I was a pre-schooler. I couldn’t wait to learn how to read it by myself.

  • Rosie Russell

    Hi Carmela! What a great post today for Book Lovers Day! Many of the books you mentioned will go on my list to look up and read!
    I agree so much with what you said when reading to children, ” It’s never too early to encourage reading, it’s never too early to get a book in their hands.” We too read to our sons from the moment they were born and they have loved reading all their lives.

    Thanks for your great post!
    Happy Book Lovers Day – August 9th!


  • Rhonda Paglia

    Hi Author Carmela Dutra! Thanks so much for sharing your “Book Lover’s Blog” and thoughts! I REALLY related to “Reader Rabbit!” I used that program to write stories with my three children when they were little! They LOVED it!! Not long ago, I found copies of some of their original “Reader Rabbit” stories. I made copies for them, and for them to see their writing when they were 7 and 8 years old, really touched their hearts! They are much older now, but they are life-long learners and readers! Thanks so much for encouraging kids to READ and WRITE! Good READERS make good WRITERS!

  • Auden Johnson

    My parents read to me when I was kid and my mom took me and my brother to the library almost every week. I think that’s the reason I love reading. Great blog!

  • David

    Excellent blog I’ve read deathwatch as Carmela wanted me to read and it was a good read. I have yet to read a flaw in the blood but look forward to it.

  • David Chuka

    Great post Carmela and thanks for sharing the book covers that meant a lot to you.

    It’s interesting to know how we all had that ‘moment’ when we fell in love with books.

    Happy Book Lover’s Day!

  • Sandra Bennett

    Hi Carmela, a great blog to remind everyone that reading doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. There is a book for everyone though, you just have to find it! When you do it opens up a whole other world. It’s great that you now continue the reading tradition with your son, even if he is chewing away at the corners, he might be digesting the words in more ways than you think. 🙂