Behind the drawings of Inktober

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog entitled “What is Inktober?” In this blog, I gave an overview of what this month-long celebration is all about. If you have not had a chance to check it out, you can click on the link above to learn more. Now that the month of Inktober (observed in October) has come to a close, what did I accomplish? What did I learn about myself as an illustrator? I took to inquiring the same things from two fell terrific authors and illustrators of children’s literature. I loved what they had to say so much. I would like to share their thoughts with you as well.

What did I appreciate from participating in Inktober? I certainly learned more about techniques with using just ink. I have never spent a month of art only using pen and ink, that was something outside of my comfort zone.  I enjoyed seeing how each fellow artist interpreted each of the prompt words, something as simple as the word mud, or double was translated into such vastly different drawings. I was challenged to think outside of the norm. It also helped me to step back and not be so literal with words. I am the type of person who takes things literally, so there were some words I had to really think about how I would draw them to reflect not just the word, but my feelings too.

There were some days where I questioned why I was participating in this 31 one day challenge, and I was ready to give in the towel. I kept trudging along, thinking: Just one day at a time. I am glad I stuck it out. I do feel as though I accomplished something as an artist. If anything, it helped to ensure that I took a little bit each day for something artistic.

Something that made this a little more challenging for me was I running two different accounts for Inktober. My author page, and my anime page. Doing that pushed me each day a little further than before. Instead of just one drawing a day, I was creating two drawings a day! I also gained valuable insight into what my audience liked. One of my least favorite illustrations was for the word Jolt. I drew a lightbulb. I even questioned if I should share it because I disliked it so much. Much to my surprise, that was one of my biggest hits! That helped me to be a little less critical of my art.

Here is what Karen Emma Hall had to say regarding Inktober.

What I enjoyed about Inktober was how it brings artists together in supporting and appreciating other people’s art. Getting inspiration from so many people in one place. And it’s not just arty people, but people wanting to try and create something they hadn’t created before. And for artists, it is so good to see what boundaries they can push and improve on. This year I learned that it is so good to work at your own pace and how much I enjoyed putting a few prompts into one piece when I was unable to do a picture every day. Each year I hope to partake and maybe when I have a few inks done I can use them again if need be. It’s not the skill that’s important, rather the creativity and seeing where your imagination can take you. Improving is the overall key I believe. Enjoying it, so you look forward to creating another piece.

Check out these killer pieces she created for Inktober! If you want to see more of her illustrations or to learn more about her as an author or illustrator, you can visit her on Facebook, or Instagram

Now, notice what Corrina Holyoake had to say, and some advice she gives to anyone thinking about participating next year. I learned that sometimes less is more and it was interesting seeing which subjects were people pleasers. It helped me quite a bit in terms of what my audiences like which will be put into use when I launch my new website and shop.  My bit of advice is just to have fun with it, and if you can do a few before then that will help you stick with it, but you don’t get the official list until a couple of weeks before which makes it tricky. Don’t feel that you have to produce a masterpiece each time, even a quick doodle will keep you in the game, and there are no rules saying you can’t use old pieces but try to do as many new pieces as you can to challenge yourself. Will I participate next year? I very much doubt it haha. If my work schedule allows it then yes I would, but I found it hard going this year as I have four books being worked on in the background so it has been a huge challenge and I did nearly give up halfway in. 

Check out these epic pieces she created for Inktober! If you want to see more of her illustrations or to learn more about her as an author or illustrator, you can visit her on Facebook, or Instagram

I encourage you to check out both of these artists and their creations. I also challenge you to join us next year for Inktober. Even if it’s just one drawing for the entire month, even if that drawing is a simple stick figure, give it a try. Add a little art to your life and become apart of the Inktober community.

Did you share in Inktober2018? Did you like any of the illustrations you saw? Leave a comment below and share your favorite prompt words and pictures that accompanied them.

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7 thoughts on “Behind the drawings of Inktober

  • Corrina holyoake

    Yay go Carmy! Huge congrats on seeing it through. I loved seeing all of your inky creations and it was great that we could all egg each other on to keep going… girl power rocks ha ha. Thanks so much for including me in the blog and here is to Inktober 2019 #gulp

  • Karen Emma hall

    Thank you for putting this fab blog together Carmela. I loved your interpretation and how you didn’t give up. Thank you for inviting us to take part too. I really enjoyed this Inktober
    Kind regards – Karen

  • Sandra Bennett

    I really loved seeing all your creations every day. The three of you were so inspiring. You are all very talented. It was beautiful to open my computer each morning to see each lovely new idea appear on my screen. I could only dream of drawing as good as you. Proud of you for making it through all 31 days, congratulations, well done.

  • Cat Michaels

    Like Julie, writing is my only talent, so I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your Inktober posts. Cannot imagine doing one a day, let along cranking out TWO daily! Kudos to you for keeping on keeping, Carmela! Thanks for sharing insights from Karen and Corrina, powerful reminders of what it takes to be a creative -:D.