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Is it nearly the middle of October already? Where did the time go? The dog days of summer have officially come to an end, and the days of school are in full swing. Individuals are already talking about school breaks and holiday planning, it seems crazy to think that just a few short months back everyone was planning their summer vacations. Summer was here before we knew it, and over just as quickly as it came. Now, onto new adventures!

After an exciting and busy summer, from attending Literary Classics Award Ceremony in South Dakota to ironing out the details in my upcoming new book Exploring STEAM with Little Katie: Coding (scheduled for release this fall).  I am happy to start the fall, and embrace the changes that lay ahead! Do you know what I love most about the late summer/fall time?

It’s the classroom visits!!! Whooo Hooo!!

Now starts the season where Lorenzo the Bear, Lucy Bear, Little Katie and myself go around and visit different classrooms, grades second to fifth. What happens during one of these visits?  Allow me to explain:

First, we read one of my stories, followed up with a Q & A with the students. Prior to my visits the teachers usually work with their students to come up with questions to ask. This really helps them (and me) to get the most out of our visit.  Then the really fun part, ACTIVITIES!! I work personally with each and every student on anything and everything from drawing our favorite characters, to helping write a new story (and yes, I really do include their ideas and credit it to them). Oh, and let’s not forget to end the visit with coloring pages!  

If you are a parent, teacher, or librarian, and would like to schedule your own author classroom visit or Skype visit, please contact me! Besides being a fun break from the classroom routine, an author or illustrator visit introduces students to the processes of writing, developing characters, and expressing one’s creativity; it gets readers excited about books, and it provides an opportunity to encourage young writers.

Did you ever have the privilege of either hosting or being hosted for an author event? Please, share your comments in the section below.

Hear what some educators are saying about these visits!

I’ve had a few students who never expressed any interest in writing. After a visit with Ms. Dutra, that all changed! Now, these same students are creating some of the best stories I’ve read. Thank you, Ms. Dutra. ~ Mrs. B.

Carmela has certainly made reading come alive! I’ve worked with her for several years now, and each visit is just as fresh and new as the previous one. This was such an enjoyable experience for the children. ~ Miss R.

Even days after Ms. Carmy has left, the kids are still talking about her visit. Cannot wait to have her return.  ~ Mr. C.

You can have these same experiences too. To learn more, Click Here! Schedule one today!*



*A modest travel fee may apply if you live out of the San Jose/Milpitas/Campbell Bay Area.



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