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As this year comes to a close, we look back at all it has given us, taken from us, and promised us. As with everything in life, all things must come to an end and start anew.  As one season slips away fading into memory, a new one is brought to life.  A cycle of unending wonder, one of hopes and dreams.

As we think of the seasons, we reflect on the imagery as they pass. Spring, a time Joy and Love. Summer, a time of Searches and Reflection.  Autumn brings with it Bounty and Changes.  And winter can often be times of Hope and Despair.  Each season represents a different stage in our life, in our growth, in our love.  We each have our favorite season, a reason beyond measure.  For me that season is winter.

Without one season we cannot truly appreciate another.  I think Ward Elliot Hour said it best “The color of springtime is in the flower. The color of winter is in the imagination.ward-elliot-hour


Winter has a subtle beauty to it, one covered in snow, and silence. It is a beauty that is meek and yet complex all in one.  The way it smells after the first rain, how snow delicately falls, gently coating the evergreens.  The way each snowflake kisses your face. Or the way fire crackles and spits before spluttering into life, then dances and flutters about.

Winter is a season unequaled by any other. The most opposite of all seasons, yet to me one the most beautiful of all.  Can one truly describe winter any more than one can describe the feel of sand under your barefoot?  Can one explain the beauty of waking up to find a yard of freshly fallen snow? No more than one can explain the way a rose smells as it blooms to life.

As things fade away into memories, new ones are born.  Time spent with family and friends, exchanging love and sharing stories.  As winter goes on it will soon fade into spring, bringing with it some of the hidden beauty winter has left behind. As the cycle goes on we think and ponder, about the New Year and blessings it will bring.

Oh if I could trap a little bit of winter in a bottle, to always hold the magic that is winter.


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