A single laugh is all it takes

Would you agree with these words: Laughter is the best medicine. Or do you ever find yourself saying: I haven’t laughed like that in a long time! Or what if I told you that laughter is like a little miracle we all experience everyday.Would you agree with these statements?

It’s amazing what the power of a single laugh can accomplish. You can go from having just the worst, most lousy, no good, rotten, crummy day you’ve ever had! Then something makes you laugh. I don’t mean a throaty chuckle, I mean a good oldfashioned belly laugh! You know the kind I’m talking about, where you end up with more than just tears streaming down your face. The kind of laugh where you end up begging whoever caused the laugh to stop whatever it is they are doing. Where you find yourself gasping for air, all while trying not to pee. Or is that just me…..

When was the last time you experienced a laugh like that? Was it today? Yesterday? A week ago last Tuesday? Whenever it was, you would likely agree with me that you don’t laugh like that all the time. Why don’t we laugh the way we did when we were kids? Is it that we lost our sense of humor? Have we lost touch with our inner child? Or Is it the anxieties of life that fall upon us? Don’t you just wish we could go back to a simpler time, and just laugh? Why can’t we!?!

Oscar Wilde said it best: Life is too important to be taken seriously.  I couldn’t agree with this comment more! We live in a world full of serious, very important, critical adult things to do. We have enough to do in life, but we never can have too much laughter.

Laughter comes easily for children. In fact, it’s said that children laugh 20 times more today than adults do. Children have a way of enjoying the little things in life, the simplest of things often bring them the most laughter. Something as silly as ’I’m gonna eat me a Levi sandwich!’ Send my little guy into a laughing spell! He is three and his laughter is contagious! The way he giggles as I giggle with him. Or the way he shrikes in excitement, when I make a silly face.  That’s why I say laughter is like a small miracle, it’s able to captivate us. Almost freezing time in a way, while we savor that moment through laughter.

A single laugh is all it takes. That one laugh can stop a fight, take our mind off pain, help us to overcome fear, it can even mend fences. The benefits are endless! A laugh can make all the difference both physically, mentally and emotionally. Just one laugh, a single laugh, is all it takes.

Those belly laughs I mentioned earlier, what causes them? For me, sometimes they are caused due to reading a book by my favorite author, Andrea Camilleri. He has a way of intertwining humor into the mystery of his writing. Often times, I’m caught off guard by it. When it happens, I laugh out loud so loudly, that I often get looks. Oh did I mention I’m usually reading in places where I should be quiet?

One of the benefits often said about laughter is the ability to reduce stress. Have you ever had one of those laughed where you can physically feel some of the tightness leaving your body? An overall feeling of well-being floods your body as you experience a tear jerking session of laughter. Have you experienced this? If so, you know exactly what I’m describing here.

No matter how you achieve laughter, indulge in it! There is even a day once a year dedicated to laughing. April 14th is
International Moment of Laughter Day. This is a day that aims to put a big smile on your face. The objective of this day is to get people to laugh, and to laugh more often. After all, “laughter is the best medicine”. So what better way to end this blog than with a cheesy joke to hopefully bring a smile to your face, and a laugh to your day!

What do you call the security guards who work at the Samsung store?
Guardians of the Galaxy!

I warned you that it was cheesy!

Happy laughing everyone!

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