Three Things I hope to Accomplish in 2019

The start of a new year is like a blank slate. We don’t know what will be written upon it, but the exciting prospect is that there are loads of things we can engrave upon it!

My author pals and I are sharing our hopes – on the writing road and in our family life – for 2019 in our #Gr8Blog hop about what we hope to accomplish in 2019. When you are done reading up on what I am hoping to achieve in 2019, check out some of the other excellent blog links at the bottom of this post.

Completing my third Little Katie Book.


I have been rattling around many Little Katie Books for a while. It’s time to do something with them. Now that I am contracted with three school districts (hopefully four in a matter of just a few short weeks after we finish up the details) for regular author visits throughout the school year, they each ask the same question; “When is the next Little Katie coming out?” Working with many schools and often the same students over the years, it requires me to have fresh content to share with them. Honestly, sometimes just the thought of supply and demand with the schools becomes a little overwhelming.  This series is super popular among the districts as it fits with the common core standards for STEM Education. I am excited to announce that there will be new characters added to the series!  My ultimate goal with Little Katie is to encourage girls (and boys too!) in science. I am hopeful by bringing a little more diversity into the stories; I will be able to accomplish just that.


Finding a Forever Publishing House


I am very realistic on how long this could take, and I am OK with that. After much discussion with some friends in the publishing business, the book buying market, and my various contacts with the schools and librarians, I know that I will need the backing of a publishing house to help me accomplish my goals with Little Katie. Being able to bring Little Katie into the classrooms these past few years has been a dream come true! Landing three contracts with school districts where I am booked for author visits and being able to do this author thing for a living has been beyond my wildest dreams. However, there is only so much I can do on my own when it comes to distribution. I do not have my sights set big. I am happy to and eager to work with a small house as long as we share the same goals. To get Little Katie into the schools to encourage girls in an area where they are not overly encouraged. I want to help bridge the gap of women in the STEM/STEAM fields. This is a hope for me in 2019, not a must, but a hope. I will be OK if things do not go according to plan, I am the type that expects the worst and hopes for the best. If it’s going to happen, it will, whatever will be.


This might seem like a simple thing, I assure you, for me, it has become the task at hand. 2018 we did a slight remodel with our garage turned guest/office/ laundry room. After everything was finished and the dust literally settled, many things are still not put back in place.  With an always on the go active three-year-old, it is becoming harder to keep track of where things are. Being that I work from home, it is vital for me to keep my workspace as cleaned and organized as possible. I cannot work in clutter. It drives me absolutely, positively, bonkers! When I am done with a project, the room might look as though hurricane Carmy just swept through, but that’s my process. Start off clean and everything at my fingertips, finishing with what appears to be a natural disaster. If I cannot have my workspace fully organized, and everything put away, then my other two goals will be next to impossible for me to accomplish. For that matter, all of my other objectives will become a Herculean task.


Your Turn
What do you want to accomplish on your bucket list this year? Please share in the comment section.  And for more inspiration, please visit my #Gr8blog pals below.  If you blog and want to join us on this hop, just add the family-friendly link to your post in the comment section. We’ll visit and give you some blog love.

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15 thoughts on “Three Things I hope to Accomplish in 2019

  • Julie Gorges

    Looking forward to your next Little Katie book and wish you success in finding a publishing house. And we writers all relate to being more productive in an organized workspace! Have a great 2019, Carmela!

  • Jacqui Letran

    I love that you’re using Little Katie to inspire girls to get interested in areas that are predominately male based. Good for you! Hope you get into tons more schools and sell a boat load of books.

  • James Milson

    You and Little Katie together are doing very important and inspiring work! Please keep it up, encouraging young girls and diversity! Wishing you and your family the very best, along with every success for your work with Little Katie in the New Year!

  • Rosie Russell

    Carmela, I’m so glad to hear you have had such great success with “Little Katie” and her series. Making it a part of the schools is a wonderful opportunity to spread the joy of learning “STEM/STEAM” for boys and girls. Students love learning new concepts with things they can relate to and your books do just that. I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring for you in this exciting journey.
    I’m with you on the clutter thing. Ugh! Once I’m done with a project, things are cleaned up and organized before I can more on to my next task. I’m sure you have been busy trying to tackle this all.
    Happy wishes for much success and happiest in 2019 Carmela!

  • Sandra Bennett

    Hi Carmy, From organised chaos comes creativity. I remember reading something along that line somewhere. So I muddle along in my organised chaos telling myself it’s ok, the creativity will flow. Sometimes you just have to relax and let it go. Seriously, I wish you luck in organising your work space as I look forward to seeing the next instalment of Little Katie’s scientific adventures. Also so pleased to hear that you have so many school visits scheduled, it seems to be encouraged more in the States than here. Very hard to find schools in Australia willing to pay for an authors skills, good on you. Best wishes for a fabulous 2019. xx

    • Carmela Dutra Post author

      They say Enstine was that way and he was a genius! That’s too bad, author visits are wonderful opportunities for students and families. I have noticed that some states here are more inclined to them than others.

  • Cat Michaels

    Your STEM/STEAM workshops in schools have really taken off. How cool is that for you and those children! I hope you will give us hints about your new characters in the next Little Katie adventure…..wonder where she will go next?!?!?

    I hope you find a publisher to help with distribution. I will keep my ears open. And kudos for getting your work space organized , but I’m with you…I can’t work in clutter, either, because it distracts me.

    • Carmela Dutra Post author

      Let’s just say the world of STEM/STEAM has endless possibilities. I do have one in the works about the weather, and another one that will teach readers about magnets. I am looking to add more girls (and boys too) of different backgrounds into the stories.

  • corrina holyoake

    Ahh your are smashing it Carmy! So exciting to see Little Kattie going from strength to strength and I know that you will succeed in accomplishing what you are setting out to do. I am really excited to see where this path of yours takes you. All the best with the visions for what looks to be another amazing year. You go girl!

  • Shana Gorian

    That is wonderful that you’ve contracted with three school districts to do author visits. But I know, they are actually a lot more work than they appear to be, so you will indeed be busy. I also enjoyed your description of your house before and after your start a project. I feel the same way – start out cleaned up then make the most of things 😉 Good luck with all of your plans and all the best in 2019!