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Have you made a recent trip to Target or Walmart and noticed there are a number of Dr. Seuss related items? Have you noticed that this seems to happen every year around the same time? Why is that? It’s because of the NEA (National Educational Association)  Read Across America is […]

What’s the deal with Read Across America and Dr. Seuss ...

One of the first things we learn as little kids is always to say “thank you” — and of course, not to put our mouths on the water fountain, or pick our nose in public but that’s a lesson for another day. This week’s blog will be short and sweet. I […]


  August 9th is Book Lovers Day! WhooooHoooooo!!  For book lovers everywhere this means delving into our favorite books! Talking to others about books, going to a bookstore to look for new books, or in other words, the same thing we do every day. The only difference, today is like […]