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Inquiring Minds: Questions from Readers

By Carmela Dutra  /  April 27, 2017
Recently, I was asked a couple of questions. What is your objective as a writer? Does being a woman have...
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Earth Day Every Day

By Carmela Dutra  /  April 19, 2017
April 22nd, what comes to mind when you hear this date? Maybe your birthday? Or is it your anniversary? Well,...
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Relationship between art and life

By Carmela Dutra  /  April 6, 2017
Have you ever looked at a piece of art and felt a wave of emotion hit you? Perhaps you were...
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The Secret Language of Music

By Carmela Dutra  /  March 29, 2017
Can you feel it? The heavy base. Can you hear the soft vocals? Can you visualize the cool ivory keys...
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Who am I?

By Carmela Dutra  /  March 23, 2017
  Who am I?? This is a question all of us ask ourselves at one point or another. Often times...
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A Day in the Life

By Carmela Dutra  /  March 16, 2017
As a Stay at home/ Work at home mom, there isn’t much glamor in my life. Getting up in the...
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Dr. Seuss Day

By Carmela Dutra  /  March 2, 2017
Today is Dr. Seuss Day! What does this mean? It means we look back over the years and reflect on...
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The Power of Humility

By Carmela Dutra  /  February 23, 2017
Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues. ~ Confucius Many of us come from humble beginnings. We make something...
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By Carmela Dutra  /  February 16, 2017
One of the first things we learn as little kids is always to say "thank you" -- and of course, not...
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To Read or not to Read?

By Carmela Dutra  /  January 12, 2017
You’ve started reading this article meaning something in the above heading attracted you to it. You have weighed up the...
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Hello 2017!

By Carmela Dutra  /  January 2, 2017
2016 is so last year's news, and now it's all about 2017!  Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition that...
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Goodbye 2016, I will Never Forget you

By Carmela Dutra  /  December 15, 2016
I distinctly remember as a kid having a grown up tell me that time seems to go by much faster...
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Author Interview with Cat Michaels

By Carmela Dutra  /  December 8, 2016
Hello everyone, welcome back to another author interview. I’d like to introduce you to my guest, fellow author, Cat Michaels. Cat...
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A Winters Meaning

By Carmela Dutra  /  December 1, 2016
  As this year comes to a close, we look back at all it has given us, taken from us,...
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November is #PictureBookMonth: Interview with Lise Chase

By Carmela Dutra  /  November 17, 2016
November is Picture Book Month, and I want to help share pictures books! Since this month only comes around once...
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November is #PictureBookMonth: Interview with Jessica Adams

By Carmela Dutra  /  November 10, 2016
November is Picture Book Month, and I want to help share pictures books! Since this month only comes around once...
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By Carmela Dutra  /  November 3, 2016
Vibrant foliage, pumpkins galore, warm woolen scarves, and hot cocoa with marshmallows. These are a few of my favorite things!...
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Just what the Doctor Ordered!

By Carmela Dutra  /  October 27, 2016
It's Just what the Doctor Ordered!   I’m sure you are very familiar with that saying. Maybe what the doctor...
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Doodle, Draw, and Sketch…

By Carmela Dutra  /  October 13, 2016
Kids LOVE to draw! They love to doodle everywhere, and on everything in sight. Anyone who has kids, nieces, nephews...
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Make Reading Come Alive

By Carmela Dutra  /  September 28, 2016
When you think of reading what comes to your mind? Do you get excited over a new book? Do you...
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